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RIP .net - BlackberrySocom is over

2009-07-06 19:27:10 by SocomSquad

Rather than continue my attempts at administrating this twitching and convoluted mess that used to slightly resemble an animation group that's constantly been exhaling its last breath since conception, the depressing unproductivity and relentless faggotry have convinced me to take permanently offline.
To quote myself, "It's been a fun ride but my time as an administrator of THE unproductive anti-newgrounds trolling flash group is fucking over like woah."

r0ms has said that he plans to continue the group on a forum of his own, but then again, he's r0ms.
Ownership of this account will now be passed on to SplatterSocom.
Revivals except those created by the original administrators will be targeted as if they were any other spinoff.
As for me, I look forward to continuing my not-making-flash streak with various distractions such as game projects and continuing education.

Socom Squad I
January 24, 2007- July 4, 2009
May you never rise again.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more important things to do than explain to Newgrounds where that 5-man group of 14 year-olds roaming around like faggots disappeared to.


RIP .net - BlackberrySocom is over


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2009-07-06 21:35:12

gimme all of yo money

SocomSquad responds:

fuk u i'm poor


2009-07-15 16:08:56

we wanted big numbers


2009-08-14 03:59:07

i hacked the ss sorry guys


2011-04-13 12:24:36

i'm pretty gay.


2011-07-02 11:36:39

All my ex;s live in texas