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A long, hard reflection on Nihilism.

Skies above are closed to me, Forgetting names when shaking hands. Friends and lovers I've left behind. I'm as apathetic as the wind.

I say.

My goodness, neighborhood scamps on the wireless.
Not even WE make tomato sandwiches that taste this bad.
Come on, folks. If you're going to pretend to be us, do it RIGHT by not even opening flash in the first place and chatting on MSN about how great the old days were.

TheEmoKiller responds:

seeing as you and pineapple respoded to this, it obviously effected you in some way.

but good try, trying to play it off :D

hey mayun stop being a groupist

How dare you say anything bad about us after all we've done for the Fewelgrounds community. Well, sir, I sincerely hope you choke on a duck, and I mean that in the best way possible. You are the problem to our solution, the fly in our soup, the wolf among our sheep and I generally do not like you despite having never met you, because, by writing the description that you did, you have portrayed yourself as a big, fat, stupid doodiehead, and nobody likes big, fat, stupid doodieheads.

Eagerly awaiting your slow and painful death,

ps we're gayer and more unoriginal than you are, so LIVE WITH IT


Now then, on to the actual review:

This is merely a still image composed of various Shades Gang members you have drawn, and, while your art style is good for animation, this does not qualify as an animation.

Perhaps this submission would have been better if you had taken the time to animate Flash8Shades leaving Shades Gang HQ (or whatever you guys care to call it) while giving his last words to the various SG members.

The description would be completely unnecessary and you would have an actual, possibly entertaining, animation to submit.

Time being what it is these days, I realize that few people could carry out such a task and have the animation publication-ready while the issue is still relevant. However, I must ask you to consider such an idea instead of simply submitting a one-frame flash and writing your farewells in the description.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.

Eagerly awaiting your slow and painful death,

Flash8Shade responds:

You sound like a cool member....

anyways, i understand that not all socoms are mean. howewer i can't understand why some socoms hate newgrounds. anyways.... i'm not leaving the SG forever.

bcux we can lol!!1

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